"Bloody Mary", by J.A. Konrath

Bloody Mary (Jack Daniels Mysteries) - J. A. Konrath

Book 2, in the Jack Daniels Mysteries

No denying J.A. Konrath produces gruesome material, even if he may say otherwise in his introduction. This second installment is a mystery with a creepy take and a view on the dark side of funeral homes. Relying on subtlety and imagination this latest concerns a mysterious killer who murders women to suppress his recurring headaches and hatches plans to pin the murders on a Chicago cop. 

This sequel has a great story line and starts during a sweltering Chicago summer, a pair of arms is discovered at the morgue and the rest of the body is missing… this little problem brings Jack and her partner Herb on the scene to investigate. 

It is pleasantly nice to see the recurring characters first introduced in “Whiskey Sour” returning in tip-top shape even if we find them in the midst of personal struggles this time. It is fun to follow Jack as each crime scene seems to be connected to her in some way….I found the plot line quite suspenseful even if we know fairly early the identity of the killer but what make this deferent is not the who did it but the uncertainty of how or when he will strike again. This quick read has a lot of action and gratuitous gore and managed to have kept my attention till the last page. Although, it may be the standard style found in most thriller of this genre I nevertheless like the wits and the snappy dialogue that peppered the pages. Mr. Friskers’ antics give us some really good laughs along the way I couldn't help but to giggle….Quite entertaining, I am looking forward to the sequel.