"Boston Cream", by Howard Shrier

Boston Cream - Howard Shrier

Book 3, in the Jonah Geller Mystery

This is a series that is getting better has it moves along. I admit not having read it in sequel but having done so did not remove any of my enjoyment. Each plot is rooted from real events that made the headlines at one time or another. I am a huge fan of mystery series and the Jonah Geller series is high on my preferred list.

“Boston Cream” takes Jonah to Boston where he investigates the disappearance of David Fine, a young surgeon and a transplant specialist. Hired by the man’s father he sets off with his business partner Jenn Raudsepp, who knows the city well. They follow a twisted trail that involves panoply of individuals from the doctor’s boss, members of the mob, a rabbi, a lawyer and a grocer who had also vanished. Since the local authorities are baffled and haven’t made any progress into the missing cases, Jonah takes the lead and with a thorough investigation he uncovers that the disappearances are directly linked to an organ harvesting ring led by Irish mobsters. As the story unfolds Dante Ryan (a recurring character) joins in and they are quickly thrown into a world of organized crime ….where mayhem is sure to break out…..and it does so in an exciting and captivating cat and mouse game….

This is a darker book that the previous in the series and far more violent in many aspects. The plotting is intriguing and weaves a tight and taunting story. The pacing is steady, action packed and non-stopped till the finale. The characters are solid, very good and have a good ear for dialogue. This 3rd book has all the attributes I expected from this genre: the villains are scums, the police are mean and incompetent and a PI from out of town to the rescue….what is not to like….

This is a series on the roll…….