"Rusty Nail, by J.A. Konrath

Rusty Nail - J.A. Konrath

Book 3, in the Jack Daniels Mystery

This is a direct sequel to “Bloody Mary” it starts where the plots left off with the investigation into a cult that practices mutilation and posts them as snuff films. 

It is evident right from the start that this would have a gory story with plenty of graphic details and enough creepiness to let our imagination do its work. There is enough horror described here to turn our stomach but thank goodness for the cleverness in the way Mr. Konrath has melded humor into the gore. The style is by far not for everyone the author has no fear of detailing death and torture and showing how sick murderers are and how they enjoy what they doing. This story seems to want to outdo the previous one in its depravity. As in the previous books, the story alternates between the first person narrative by Jack and the third person present tense from the view of the killer. There is a lot of action and much happens with the various characters in just a few pages. Konrath found his true formula with a strong no nonsense female lead character, clever narration, short scenes and fast-paced story…….and a wacko cat….

Jack's personal life continues to be a mess. Her mother is still in a coma. Latham and Jack have split up. Mr. Friskers the cat is still psychotic.

If you in the right mood you will appreciate this novel for what it is.…..entertainment..