"The Blood Banker", by David Prever

The Blood Banker - David Prever

Mr. Prever’s debut novel was offered as a free download which I stumbled upon some time back and decided why not give it a try. The synopsis promised to provide a gripping story with action sequences so engaging it would be difficult to put it down. From time to time I do give my attention to first time writer and I am rarely disappointed, this one joins those who managed to have kept me glued to every word and engaged by the suspense from start to finish. 

I admit having enjoyed the moments spent with this thriller, one set in the world of high finance where bankers take their own lives…The first chapters pulled me in and I wanted more and I got more. As the story moved along and picked up pace it became a nail biting experience and when all the pieces of the puzzle came together it was most satisfying. 

This lean and well- written novel is a smooth blend of police and journalistic skills mixed with financial jargon. The characterization is believable and well- drawn and the plot takes us into the murky water of power. All went well till the conclusion where we are left hanging on loose ends and with so unanswered questions...or is this some twisted ending to pique our interest in a sequel….Some minor hicks are noticed in spelling and mixed words although this did not distracted me it was nevertheless an annoyance. A little tweak here and there is all that was needed….

Product description: 

The body of a French banker lies under a train on the London Underground: the first of three of three “banking suicides”' A tragic result of the economic downturn. Former tabloid reporter, turned blogger, Danny Lightfoot needs a story. And something about the tube death doesn't add up... In a race to reveal the truth, Lightfoot uncovers a laundered money trail that leads, via Hong Kong and the world's largest online criminal cartel, to the heart of British government...