"Cherry Bomb", by J.A. Konrath

Cherry Bomb - J.A. Konrath

Book 6, in the Jack Daniels Mystery

This series has to be read in sequence to understand how ridiculously it evolves throughout its progress. Definitely the stories are not to be taken seriously but rather for they humour and the evil plotting that keep going over the top at every turn.

At the end of “Fuzzy Navel” (book 5) Mr. Konrath left us with one of Jack’s loved one dead. Plainly letting us hanging like that, what an amazing way to lure us towards its sequel….

If you take this series for what it is you will find it is thrillingly entertaining, funny yet terrifying. It feels like a roller coaster ride from start to finish and I couldn't help being at the edge of my seat while I flipped page after page trying to keep up with the multiple twists and turns that kept coming. In this latest Alex Kork is worse than she ever been and half of the story is dedicated to her as she pushed Jack to her limit. Although Jack is her true prey she piles up more random victims you can imagine. She is completely heartless. Jack is drawn ever further into a twisted cat and mouse game filled with blood and too much crude sex…..All the usual players contribute in some ways but the appearance of Slappy’s, a very annoying monkey, did not add any value to the cast and could have been skipped …More and more as the series runs its way it is becoming so ridiculous that I think this whole thing is spiraling downwards.....

Although I still like J.A. Konrath’s humour I admit being gradually weaned from this series and have lost some interest in it. This feeling to withdraw doesn't mean I plan to abandon it but I need to take a long break before picking up the sequel. Too much is really too much I need a breather….:)