"The Night Ranger", by Alex Berenson

The Night Ranger - Alex Berenson

Book 7, in the John Wells series

This series is wonderful and has stayed strong with idea and action stemming right from the news. This time, John our action hero after tackling bad guys across the world’s conflict zone may seem to be a bit weary but is no less as complex and satisfying protagonist. In “The Night Ranger” he enters new territory and goes underground in East Africa to track four kidnapped aid workers for WorldCares, deal with the thugs and rescue them.

What makes this series exciting is the author’s deep understanding of geopolitics and what makes it tick. In this one he deftly portrays how the aid industry is prone to waste and corruption. His fictional aid agency is well- drawn to show how an egotistic director could possible profit from being at the head. This story is a fast read with plenty of action that weaves both the complexities of politics and the everyday life in Africa. The prose is taut, the dialogue first class, so smooth. I love the characterization even the bad guys had strong personalities and they are supplied with all the modern gadgetry to entertain us. 

This series is not boring or has become stale. The plots are exciting and fun to read there are no dull moments, a sure way to keep us interesting from start to finish. This novel is hard to put down it is so grabbing. Loved it.