"A Dubious Position", by Gerald Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki

A Dubious Position - Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki

Book 7, in the Colton Banyon Mystery

This is a series easily read in no particular order and after three books I can assure they are an interesting and captivating read from start to finish. On one hand, “A Dubious Position” has kept the series’ mystical tone while on the other hand has distracted us with original ideas and providing a suspenseful and fast moving plot populated with a mix of mysterious and appealing main characters. This latest definitely has a strong blend of old-time male fantasy and a lot of sexual innuendo.

Once more, Colton has to face one crisis after another that needs to be solved and with the help of his usual team and of course Wolf the ever present spirit to guide his every move and make everything go smooth and be successful. The adventure takes place on both sides of the US/Mexican borders.

In this story Colton works for the President as a contractor for a prestigious law firm who employs the strangest of characters: nuns, priests, illusionists, porn star, and a young athletic woman. They are there to assist Colton on covert operation sanctioned by the President. Their mission is to prevent Nazi operatives intermingling in the Mexican and the Unites States affairs. These characters spoiled the pot for me. They are a bunch of starved sex individuals acting like idiots, totally unprofessional and very annoying. This aside, I like the steady pacing, the short chapters straight to the point narration, and how the author has weaved into his plot a humorous side with the more serious situations.

Although I found parts unappealing, at the heart, “A Dubious Position” is quite exciting and is one I enjoyed nevertheless.