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February 2018
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reviewed: "Dangerous Perceptions", by Stuart Murray
The Road to Nowhere I had “The Road to Nowhere” on my TBR list for a very long time, a book I had downloaded a few years back...
Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere - Stuart Murray
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February 2018
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ALL THE NAMES THEY USED FOR GOD is a collection of short literary fiction stories, the last two of which were absolutely bril...
Trigger warning: Suicide I dithered about giving this four stars, but honestly, the final third of the book fell apart a bi...
I weirdly liked this book. Even though the main character was a bit much for me and totally self-absorbed at times, I liked i...
reviewed: "In Pursuit of Platinum", by Vic Robbie
The Shocking Secret of World War 11Said in the third person narrative, “In a Pursuit of Platinum” revolves around three chara...
In Pursuit of Platinum: The Shocking Secret of World War II - Vic Robbie
February 2018
reviewed: "Casino Qaddafi", by Graham Tempest
Book #3, an Oliver Steele Casino seriesSet largely in Libya weeks after the assassination of Muammar Gadhafi, this mystery fo...
Casino Qaddafi (Oliver Steele) - Graham Tempest
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February 2018
For fans of Harry Bosch it cannot have escaped your notice that our intrepid cop is of an age where he should be thinking of ...
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reviewed: "The Room on Rue Amélie", by Kristin Harmel
This is a touching story about the struggle to find normalcy during the horrors of WW11. Based on true events the tale is sai...
The Room on Rue Amélie - Kristin Harmel
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The Terrorist Next Door (A David Gold / A.C. Battle Mystery Book 1)
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