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August 2017
read and rated
read and rated
reviewed: "King of Swords", by Russell Blake
Book #1, in the Assassin seriesThis is one brutal and heart-stopping novel I read in a long time. In “King of Swords” we are ...
King of Swords - Russell Blake
August 2017
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reviewed: "The Westhampton Hurricane", by gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki
Book # 27, in the Colton Banyon Adventure/Mystery seriesWhen Mr. Kubicki sent his book for review he told me “You will like t...
The Westhampton Hurricane: Colton Banyon Mystery  #27 (Volume 27) - Kristopher Kubicki, Gerald J. Kubicki
August 2017
read and rated
This is an enjoyable, light, frivolous summer read, somewhere between the Keystone Cops and Twin Peaks. David Harwood is back...
reviewed: "Pacific Reaper", by Carmen Amato
Book# 5, in the Emilia Cruz MysteriesIn “Pacific Reaper”, Emilia confronts a death worshiping cult and takes us once again in...
Pacific Reaper: An Emilia Cruz Novel - Carmen Amato
August 2017
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reviewed: "Operation Hail Storm", by Brett Arquette
Book #1, in the Hail seriesIf you are a die-hard fan of thrillers that uses detailed technology of drones and military equipm...
Operation Hail Storm - Classroom Edition - Brett Arquette
August 2017
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reviewed: "Noble Intentions: Season One"by L.T. Ryan
Book # 4 in the Jack Noble series This thriller is a collection of five episodes sort of standalone stories that are smoothly...
Noble Intentions: Season One - L.T. Ryan
July 2017
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reviewed: "Hamfist Down", by G.E. Nolly
Survival and Combat in the JungleBook #2, in the Adventures of Hamilton “Hamfist”HamcockThis novel is based on actual events ...
Hamfist Down!: Evasion, Survival and Combat in the Jungle - G.E. Nolly
I'm always getting my Gods confused. Roman, Greek and now Scandinavian-I can't keep them all straight! However, this is Neil ...

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