"Her Last Summer"by Melinda Woodhall

"Her Last Summer" - Melinda Woodhall

Veronica Lee Thriller book #1

As a fan of the Mercy Harbor Thriller Series I definitely didn’t want to miss reading “Her Last Summer” the first book in the exciting spin-off series set in the small Florida town of Willow Bay.

I appreciated to see that some of my favourite characters took center stage in this new story. After reading 4 books in the Mercy Harbor series they have become dear to me. Although the story brought back known players the story has its own spin, is fresh and exciting. Ms. Woodhall writes an intriguing premise and has a knack to twirl suspense to keep us flipping pages.

It starts when a well-known author is found dead in her hotel room…is it suicide or murder….chief of Police Nessa and her team are scrambling to find out and Veronica, the reporter, to get her scoop. Of course, the villain or villains play a cat and mouse game with everyone…and what a chase we are into when several women are killed by the same method and everyone suspect a serial killer may be on the loose…who will be next…. many players come into play, some we know and some appear for the first time and all are entangled in a web of mystery, suspense and betrayal. As the plot moves at a steady pace there is a great deal of tension. I was so engaged in the action I lost track of time and had to be brought to reality and back to my daily chores….

This kind of story is just up my alley: one that never misses a beat, gives us intriguing and suspenseful action and a satisfying wrap up…oh yah also a mushy ending…..how one could not like this story?

I received a free digital copy of this crime fiction. This is a voluntarily review, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.