"Target Churchill", by Warren Adler

Target Churchill - Warren Adler

“Target Churchill “unfolds a fast moving cloak and dagger drama starting days before Churchill’s historic visit to Fulton Missouri in 1946 where he delivered one of the most famous speeches of all time: the fated Iron Curtain speech and concludes shortly after. This gripping read combines both historical facts and fiction, is told from multiple points of view and provides a picture of the world’s political players struggling for supremacy.

The main theme centers on a fictionalized Soviet conspiracy to assassinate Churchill in order to prevent him delivering this speech. The assassin is a Russian mole and Nazi who served Hitler’s SS and now lives in the USA.

Mr. Adler does not compliment his recreation with superfluous fluff and stays on track till the end. He feeds us with gulps of intrigue in short paragraphs and meticulously buildups suspense with just the correct nuances needed for us to wonder if this event actually happened. From the first page this cleverly blend of history and suspense held my attention, it is quite a page turner. I love the characters, real figures or not, they are particularly well defined especially the unforgettable and charismatic Winston, with him puffing endless cigars and his drinking habits at the forefront.

Even if this conspiracy is a fiction, it makes perfect sense. It is not surprising this book is well written since both authors are renowned and have extensive knowledge of history and political landscape.

This is an excellent read and should please those who do not mind a fictionalized dab into history.