"Deep Down", by Lee Child

Deep Down - Lee Child

Book 16.5 in the Jack Reacher series

I am not a big fan of short stories but from time to time I do make room for them in my library. To come out with filler books a few months before a major release is today’s trend for crime writers, Mr. Child has taken advantage of this and has sent a few our ways as the means to promote his next installment. I inadvertently skipped “The Second Son” book 15.5 and I need to catch up soon before reading any other of Reacher’s adventures.

The events in this story take place in 1986 when Reacher station in Germany as a MP is hustled back to D.C for an undercover mission to identify the officer operating inside the Capital who is leaking sensitive information regarding weapon specifications to enemies unknown.

Being a short story under 100 pages this is a brisk and easy read that gives a snapshot of the early days when Reacher was in his youth and relatively inexperienced. The narrative is in Mr. Child’s usual style, straightforward with no embellishments. There isn’t really a plot to speak of, but again this is a short story which lacked the development needed to provide intense action and the many twists we want in a thriller. These short stories although good will never satisfy the dye- hard fans.

Borrow this book, the library is a good place to do so.