"The Warrior Code", by Ty Patterson

The Warrior Code (Warriors Series Book 3) - Ty Patterson
Book 3, in the Warriors series

This third installment is one true action thriller from start to finish. Mr. Patterson has once more given a good infusion of vitality to his story and provided enough hard core excitement to make our adrenaline raise more than a notch. Be ready this book is all action and could be a good standalone since there is no need to know the backstory to understand the plot.

This series continues to evolve, the scenes are creative and some even funny, lots of good twists and turns to keep us entertained throughout. The action sequences are vivid, well-played out, fresh and exciting. The story is tight and flows smoothly. All this narrated in a dry and witty voice. What’s not to like. Zeb and his team are not only a melange of every action heroes we read in other thrillers their characters bring back the passion and all the testosterone needed to provide us with a captivating and very suspenseful journey.

At the heart of this 3rd story are Beth and Meghan, twin sisters who are pursued by ruthless gangsters and are facing capture and probably death. Till Zeb steps in and saves the day.

If you like over the top action, give this series a go.