"The Warrior's Debt", by Ty Patterson

The Warrior's Debt (Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 4) - Ty Patterson
Book 4, in the Warriors series

Mr. Patterson is in his element writing a combination of psychological crime and action thrillers. This series is one of the best in my books and I have enjoyed every one of the 4 installments to date. They are awesome thrillers and “The Warrior’s Debt” is a very gripping read and a book that could stand its own for the novice to this series.

This action packed and sharply crafted story is more of a mystery than a thriller. The plot is exciting and highlights the hunt for a serial killer that is growing increasingly brutal with each kill. Of course the NYPD investigation is going in circle till Zeb Carter, our protagonist, puts all his skills at work to apprehend the killer and bring him to justice…simple….Till Mr. Patterson takes his story to dark places throws in a few twists, changes directions, inserts more action, adds interesting and unusual situations. When describing action scenes, the one word and the one- sentence paragraphs convey beautifully tension we expect in a thriller. The style is clear, the dialogue is sharp and entertaining, the plot is captivating and the characterization is well drawn. I love to see their development growing with each installment and still have something unexpected to offer. This is one series that does not let go and is getting better and better as it progresses. Well-done.