"The Society of Orion" book 3, by Gerald J. Kubicki

The Society of Orion Book Three: Deception: Colton Banyon Mysteries - Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki
Book 3: Deception a Colton Banyon Myteries

The Kubickis’ imagination is really different. They write the wackiest of stories, most are totally far-fetched, sometime even ridiculous and some obsessed with horny females but most have two things in common: they are entertaining and far from being overly taxing.

In this series we never know from one book to the other if anything will wrap up by the end I guess this is a tactic well used to pique our need to go further in order to see what comes next. So far in “The Society of Orion” series each book has left us hanging at the end and quite abruptly in fact. Since book 1, Colton and his sidekicks, who were chasing weapons before the bad guys get a hold of them have entertained us with their bizarre buffoonery and their hilarious antics. This bunch of Ninja characters have ran more than one occasion into so many complications it is a joy to follow them on their quest. We may have a sort of wrap up this time that the gang left Poland for hopefully a new chapter in their life. But I am sure the next sage will be as thrilling as all their previous endeavors.

Nothing is easy for the team and their involvement make a hell of a fun read