"Poison Pen", by Sheila Lowe

Poison Pen - Sheila Lowe

Book 1, in the Forensic Handwriting Mystery

Mystery novels have always been at the heart of my reading and of course my preferred chose. It is very refreshing when one comes along with a new storyline and definitely having a forensic handwriting analyst teaming up with a detective should do the trick. What makes this novel interesting above all is that the author, an expert in the field has skillfully injected into her plot fascinating information about the intricacies of graphology.

This crisp and gritty novel is a well- written story populated with many intriguing and richly drawn characters. The protagonist, Claudia Rose is an intelligent, resourceful and above all independent person who often assists the police in analyzing and identifying the writer and his/ hers psychological state at the time of writing. The story is slow going at first but once it bursts into life and gets its going beat we are into a plot filled with action admirably paced. For excitement, a few twists throw curves to derail us, some include blackmail, violence and all that good stuff needed to make a mystery a very suspenseful one. This turn out to be quite a page-turner with some graphic scenes, it may be a little salty at time for some but if you are not into murder mystery this whodunit may not be for you.

I surely enjoyed following Claudia and trying to solve the mystery along with her.