"In Cold Blood", by Mark Dawson

In Cold Blood (Beatrix Rose Book 1) - Mark Dawson

Book 1, in the Beatrix Rose trilogy

Be warned, once you start with the first book you will flip pages till you have reached the final chapter in book 3. This is a great series where the author takes the time to set up the stage in order to hook you up in his world then bang he pushes you into gritty action and one of those thrilling moment you will not want to let go. Yes that good.

Beatrix Rose, the protagonist, is an assassin with six names on her hit list. She has pay back on her mind and in “In Cold Blood” she goes after her first target, a mercenary held hostage by Somali terrorists. Although this is the first installment there is a whole back story I seemed to have missed out on. Mr. Dawson does allude to the past from time to time but not enough to fill the void. I guess those who have read other books may know more about Beatrix and conclude this series is a spin-off of another series. Time will tell for the novice.

This is a quick read, not taxing at all and packed with explosive action from start to finish. This propulsive thriller has an interesting lead character in Beatrix, she is direct and all business she plain does her move without a second thought and as the most dangerous assassin in a government kill squad she is not a kind of person you want to play with. Following her on her deadly quest is exciting and very captivating.

Very good quite entertaining