"Made in Acapulco", by Carmen Amato

Made in Acapulco - Carmen Amato

This is a collection of 5 short stories that chronicle Emilia Cruz first experiences as the first and only female detective on the police force. In the 108 pages or so, these snippets of stories take place before the full length novels came our way. “Made in Acapulco” is wonderful introduction to an amazing series.

The stories are well-written and even if short quite captivating. This book not only introduces us to Emilia, it also gives us a bit of her background, her workplace and how she manages to place herself among her colleagues and how she faces the challenges of her job as an investigator.

Although each story maybe brief everything meshes beautifully and flows smoothly. The characterization is believable and Emilia shines in a place ruled by machos…..

I am a fan of this author and I can recommend all of her books.