The Society of Orion:The Orion Codex", by Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki

The Society of Orion: The Orion Codex - Gerald J. Kubicki

Book 4: The Orion Codex

Book 18, in the Colton Banyon Mystery

This is another exciting and captivating short story filled with suspense and over the top action. In this one, Colton and his sidekicks are sent to South America, on a wild goose chase deep into the heart of Ecuador. As in all books in this series Banyon is hunting for artifacts and treasures and looking for them strange and mystical things happen'
I admit this series is beyond a fantasy and a bit ridiculous but knowing this is half the battle to enjoying it. The plot in 'The Orion Codex', is fun to follow and very fast paced, flipping the page is no problem one started its 110 pages or so is easy to read in one setting. Of course the merry band of misfits offers entertainment throughout the pages. The writing is simple, the dialogue catchy and narration blends in all the latest gadgets. We do have some twists and turns of events and the appearance of bad guys is enough to grip the reader's attention'

Being a long-time fan of this series I appreciated the tone down the authors brought to their sex scenes actually very little are mentioned and more attention was directed towards entertaining us with never ending action. After a few months away from this series picking it up was an enjoyment.