"Smoke", by Catherine McKenzie

Smoke - Catherine McKenzie

Where there is smoke there is fire and you will definitely smell it before it engulfs you…isn’t an unnerving and dangerous feeling to realize you may be in the wrath of nature and possibly you will lose everything….including your life. This somber topic is a portrait of people in an extreme situation. This mystery also focuses on a marriage in crisis and the people of a small community threaten by wildfire.

We find in “Smoke” a domestic drama that flows with ease and captivates us with vivid imagery. The narrative alternates from the perspective of two women: Elizabeth, an arson investigator and Mindy, whose son is suspected of setting the fire. The plot showcases the attraction of playing with fire and is the backdrop that runs throughout the pages. The characters are ordinary people thrust into extra-ordinary situations and Ms. McKenzie knows how to makes every one of their move captivating in order to lure us till the very end. A good part of the book is setting the stage and introducing the main players but once into the beat the pacing picks up and the experience becomes a page-turner. This story is also a mystery with suspense and some unforeseen events to keep our attention on track.

Good story and an enjoyable read.