"The Witch of Watergate", by Warren Adler

The Witch of Watergate (Fiona Fitzgerald Mysteries) - Warren Adler

Book 5, in the Fiona FitzGerald Mysteries

This mystery focuses on the death of a gossip columnist, who is discovered hanging from a balcony in the Watergate apartment complex.

Mr. Adler is a real tale-teller and a dandy weaver of political intrigues. Fiona makes good reading, in this installment she teams up with a cynical rookie Charleen Davis and all along the case the two squabbles continuously rarely seeing eye to eye.

Mr. Adler’s views on Washington’s political life are a real kaleidoscope of scandals and he is not shy to fictionalize his experiences in entertaining ways. The plot in “The Witch of Watergate” primarily showcases law enforcement rivalries at its best and takes the paranoia in Washington to a different level. Of course he did not forget to have the media sharks looking for a good bite and usually they take a real gone one into a mayor, a police commissioner, a sleazy politician, the usual prime targets are always the favourites. The full drama is dedicated to figuring out what may have happened: if not a suicide who was behind this terrible deed. Although this story may be a drama it is not fast moving and we do not find extensive suspense to thrill us. It snails along and is steady till Fiona unlocks the mystery into the columnist’s murder. Fiona is a great character and all the players are cleverly handled. The dialogue is written with care, is simple and to the point. This book is not very taxing so an easy read.

“The Witch of Watergate” is good entertainment but not much more