"The Sekhmet Bed", by Libbie Hawker and Lavender Ironside

The Sekhmet Bed - L.M. Ironside, Libbie Hawker

Book 1, in the She-King series

This historical fiction delves deep into the history of Ancient Egypt and provides a modern twist so as readers we can enjoy the entertainment the story is meant to provide.

The series is a family saga of the Thutmosides, one of ancient Egypt’s most fascinating royal families. This first novel is about Ahmose, a deeply religious girl, chosen of the gods who has the ability to read prophetic dreams. Married at a very young age to General Thutmose, Ahmose has to share her husband with her elder sister Mutnofret who is his second wife. High drama brews in the household as Ahmose must fight to retain her authority as queen and the love of her husband.

The story is beautifully written, everything comes alive in a confident and poetic language. The characterization is nicely done and the players are well-rounded and fascinating. The descriptions are striking and appropriate: from the mosaic floors to the shining Nile waters. The story carries smoothly through the drama- filled lives although some scenes slip into melodrama. Of course there is romance but also discord both provides an exciting read.

The usual disclaimer at the end of the book tells us that many depictions in the story are in fact inspirational and factually incorrect. I am ok with blurring the lines as long as it is said.

“The Sekhmet Bed” is a highly imaginative tale and a good story to pass time with.