"Criminal Enterprise:Black Water Murder", by Glenn Trust

Criminal Enterprise: Black Water Murder - Glenn Trust
Book 3, in “The Hunter” series

In “Criminal Enterprise” George Mackey and his team (nicknamed the “Hunters”) are on the hunt tracking a series of missing persons which leads them to a human trafficking ring with connections to underworld figures in the Caribbean.

The story moves at speedy pace and builds in intensity pages after pages as we follow the Hunters trying to locate the victims before they are sold into sexual slavery. It never stops in fact I found it to be exhausting trying to keep up with all the different threads and the numerous players. We jump from criminal activities in the swamps of southern Georgia to their alliance with a Caribbean cartel to the Hunters and the victims. The narrative switches back and forth between the players many times I needed to take a pause in order get my bearings and place everyone. Be ready to read lots of descriptive violence and killings but again the subject brings this short of action. I found the plot to be rather convoluted and difficult to follow at times. There is nothing mushy about this story, hard and to the point. The recurring characters have evolved since their first appearance: they are well- defined and quite believable. Although the story did not managed to hold fully my interest and captivate me as the two previous installments did I admit nevertheless this story is written with passion to leave an imprint in our minds: How far would evil people go for the mighty buck.

At the end of the book Mr. Trust give statistics regarding human trafficking activities around the world. Astonishing……