" Into Oblivion", by Arnaldur Indridason

Into Oblivion: An Icelandic Thriller (An Inspector Erlendur Series) - Arnaldur Indridason

Book 11, in Inspector Erlendur series

In his latest books Mr. Indridason brought us back in time when Erlendur was a young detective and the Cold War was in full swing. “Oblivion”, another prequel to the fabulous series and second to “Reykjavik Nights “, brings us back to 1979 into a captivating drama that sends Erlendur, our loveable protagonist to a remote area to investigate the discovery of a body found in a mineral lagoon.

Since the day he joined the police forces Erlendur was always one to be obsessed with cold cases and in a parallel mystery he goes off the grid and in his spare time his obsession snares every bit of his attention to get at the bottom of a case involving a girl gone missing during the Second Wold War near the American barracks known as Camp Knox.

As the two threads criss-cross each order Mr. Indridason writing is short and moody and offers another pitch-perfect procedural mystery. A common theme on the bitter relationship between the US military and the native Icelanders at the time wends throughout these two stories and is very interesting. We find the usual complex plotting, evocative setting, excellent character development and realistic and simple narratives. The pacing may be a bit slower than one may want in a mystery but it nevertheless takes us into absorbing investigations hard to put aside. This is another great addition that brings us back in time… Where will this series leads us next?