"Nine Dragons", by Mark Dawson

Nine Dragons - A Beatrix Rose Thriller: Hong Kong Stories Volume 1 (Beatrix Rose's Hong Kong Stories Book 2) - Mark Dawson

Book 2, in the Beatrix Rose Hong Kong Stories

This novella around 90 pages or so is the continuation in the prequel to the bestselling series Blood and Roses and the second in the trilogy. I highly suggest reading in sequence and planning to read all three of them one after the other.

“Nine Dragons” picks up where “White Devil” finished. It has ton of action and packs a lot of punch in the short pages as we follow Beatrix’s trials and tribulations. Within its 90 pages there are more shooting and stabbing one can imaging to read in a full size novel. Mr. Dawson knows how to write thrilling adventure that keeps us on the edge of our seat. Beatrix is as lethal as ever and is a wonderful character and so are the supporting actors.

Now stay tuned for my take on book 3