"In Satan's Shadow", by John Anthony Miller

In Satan's Shadow - John Anthony Miller

After reading Mr. Miller’s first book I was hoping to be swept into another great adventure with his second book. The drama set in Berlin during WW11 did not disappoint. “In Satan’s Shadow” is an extraordinary story of espionage, deceit, courage and love.

British agent Michael York is sent to Berlin to flush out an informant and a spy that may have been a factor in the death of his predecessor. The traitor may be a member of Berlin’s renowned String Quartet and Michael’s mission is to find out who is responsible without falling prey to the Gestapo. Each member is close to the German war effort: Amada is married to a high ranking officer, Erika works in the logistics department, Gerhard works as a draftsman for the Armaments Department and Albert is well connected in high places.

If you think this story doesn’t have tension you would be mistaking. Getting close to each member is vital to extract information for the Allies without attracting attention. As we follow Michael fear of him getting caught is at every corner. The descriptive narrative is such that I felt that I was there on the scene observing his every move wanting him to get out of his predicament, escaping the Gestapo or not revealing who he really is. I really was emotionally vested rooting for Michael. Mr. Miller knows how to build slowly tension and never let it ease till you reach the final words. This outstanding story is well-written with rich knowledge of the period, strong descriptions of people’s emotions and vivid observations of a Berlin on its final days.

This is a hard book to put aside it is such a page-turner that once started you want to see how everyone will fare at the end. We have well developed and mostly charismatic players to hold us glued to every word in this drama. Of course Mr. Miller gave us an unforeseen twist at the end to add another touch to the never ending suspense. This is another gripping and excellent read.

I wish to thank Mr. Miller for providing an electronic copy of this book for my thoughts. “This is the Way I see it” and in no way was I influenced by the offer.