"Jack in the Green", by Diane Capri

Jack in the Green (The Hunt for Jack Reacher Series Book 5) - Diane Capri

Book # 5, in the Hunt for Jack Reacher series

This complementary book was a free offer when singing up to Ms. Capri’s newsletter and was my introduction to the author as well as with the series. Although “Jack in the Green” may be the 5th novel in the series I stepped comfortable right into the drama and enjoyed this short story (90 pages) quite a bit. It was a good teaser to continued reading Ms. Capri’s imaginative creations.

Indeed we are talking about the famous Jack Reacher, the long-time protagonist of the best-selling author Lee Child but Ms. Capri spins a totally different web, of course it is around the famous character although in the drama he is only mentioned and never appears. The main players are FBI Agents Kim Otto& Carlos Gaspar and in “Jack in the Green” information of the whereabouts of Reacher leads them at a memorial service honoring dead and injured soldiers in Tampa, FLA. And then the action begins…….

Ok I will not go any further, we need to read this. It is a fun concept, lots of intrigue to keep us entertained although slightly predictable action. Let’s not forget a novella needs to say a lot in a few words and a thriller needs to keep us engaged, this book does both plus gives us an interesting plot that keeps going on and good characters to root for.

Good story, “This is the way I see it” my thoughts are mine and have not be influenced by the offer.