"Gates of Hell", by J.F. Penn

Gates of Hell: An ARKANE Thriller (Book 6) - J.F. Penn
Book 6, in the Arkane series

J. F. Penn takes on a scary journey none of us would like to experience and to a place where few would like to visit…… to the Gates of Hell.

Miss Penn delves into religion of all sects and spins exceptional stories filled with knowledge into a thrilling action packed adventure and seamlessly weave archaeology, geography and culture into her lively and dynamic plot. If you haven’t read the previous books have no fear to pick up at this point, each book stands on its own and blends perfectly within the series. We do have a small wrap up to set the stage and to remind us of happened previously in each installment.

Morgan the main protagonist is joined once again with Jake and as they overcome one obstacle after the other we are for one of those thrilling, scary, mythical ride. The setting is magical and Ms. Penn knows how to phrase her ideas with haunting effects and other interesting components to imprint in our mind pictures in ways only a passionate author can do. There are a lot of paranormal elements wrap up around historical ones and numerology plays a good part here. All this is written in a fluid and dramatic style, vividly describing supernatural elements, myths, and symbology…. For those into mystical dramas this is definitely a treat.

I have a moderate taste regarding spooky adventures but after reading a few books I developed an affinity regarding Ms. Penn’s excellent style and captivating topics…