"The Assassins", by Gayle Lynds

The Assassins (The Judd Ryder Books) - Gayle Lynds

Book #2, in the Judd Ryder and Eva Blake series

I enjoy a good thriller and since Gayle Lynds is the reigning queen and very popular on the fictional espionage scenes and heard so many good words on this book I simply couldn’t let it pass without reading it. “The Assassins” continues the story of retired military spy Judd Ryder and CIA recruit Eva Blake. I assure you there is no need to read book #1 first in order to get right into the action that brings us from Washington D.C. to Marrakech and to Baghdad.

The synopsis in a few words: six world class assassins in an agreement of convenience rob Baghdad museum and escape with each a piece of a priceless limestone tablet…. But that goes horribly wrong when they begin to turn on each other… only one will be left standing…..An interesting premise…...but did it give the punch I expected…..hummmmmm.


There is a lot going on in this fast paced and generally entertaining thriller filled with relentless action, explosions, gunfire and all the old-school spy vibe you may want. The story is rather suspenseful and holds a good tempo in most places but drags in others. I like the short chapters Ms. Lynds utilizes in her book. A rather good move, this keeps minds open to move on. We have long-winded moments that are rather flat and distracting places where I would have gladly skipped, thankfully they were few. Enjoyable are the sharp dialogue and the banter between assassins which are well-done and entertaining. The characterization is good all players excel in their roles.

Not a bad book but not my favourite thriller of all time.