"The Oracle Philon", by Gerald J. Kubicki

The Oracle Philon: A Colton Banyon Mystery (Volume 23) - Kristopher Kubicki, Gerald J. Kubicki

Reading the Kubickis books you need to put reality aside and not search for technical issues, redundancy or great literature, none would be found in these books. But what we have is an entertaining original story with out of this world action that never cease.

Although “The Oracle Philon” may be part of the Colton Banyon series it casts a new set of characters into the heart of a story that follows the same patterns: plenty of dimwit oversexed females, strong armed good guys as superheroes, bad guys usually terrorists or white supremacists doing bad things and never succeeding and most of all lots of bang-bangs.

Having said this, the base of the story is good: Something is happening to the weather. Catastrophic events are occurring all over the world. The events are manmade…. The MAD team is called to investigate.

The plot is exciting, fast-paced, intriguing and filled with unique twists to keep us entertained and very weird things. Although this book is a completely work of fiction it is peppered with facts and insights into the “Radical Islamic” terrorism issue, a hot topic. Philon was an ancient scholar with a number of inventions credited to him that others improved. In this story we have magnetic Vortices, mention of the Bermuda Triangle, subject of ESP and many more supernatural phenomena to spook us.

Entertaining as usual.

Being a member of the authors’ launch team a copy of this book was provided for an honest and fair review.