"Casino Excelsior", by Graham Tempest

Casino Excelsior - Graham Tempest

An Oliver Steele novel and book #2 in the Casino series

Sleuth Oliver Steele is doing what he does best always at the service to save the world and get his boss of his back. To the casino world of Las Vegas he goes, to Los Angeles death awaits at every corner. Hunted by bad guys, he runs the maze of tunnels underneath Harrods staying one step ahead and escape without a hitch. Olive won’t stop his escapades till he gets to the bottom and while doing his best to conclude his mission he will give us excitement in Monte Carlo and in the hope of wrapping things up he will take a trip to the island of St-Lydia and will entertain us at every turn. I may be off in order of things but Oliver gives us quite a hellish ride. 

Doesn’t this sound exciting and a most captivating read?, of course it does and once again Mr. Tempest has provided a quick read filled with suspense and intrigue with many plot twists. The language is down to earth: simple, concise and peppered with a touch of humour. The characters are well- thought, varied and interesting. I particularly love Oliver; he plays his role to a tee: a disgraced British accountant who does odd jobs for Tish, a billionaire. When Tish calls, Oliver is expected to jump….and he does. Taking us inside the biggest casinos we learn how high rollers play their games and how it may be easy to cross international boundaries to be the top winners. It gives us a behind the scenes perspective….

“Casino Excelsior” is an easy and fun read I enjoyed passing time with. 

I received a copy from the author for my thoughts, thank you Mr. Tempest