"Goliath", by Richard Turner

Goliath (A Ryan Mitchell adventure) - Richard Turner
Book #1, in the Ryan Mitchell thrillers

After reading the first few chapters that set the stage you fall into a fat-paced and very violent thriller. If you do not like guts and blood and people being killed this intense drama is not for you but if you love never ending action and extreme suspense you will enjoy this one. This thriller is not for everyone but it was mine and I loved it.

In a few words:

Ryan Mitchell, a former special operative is drawn into the race to find the Goliath and her hidden secret and with his team must protect Jennifer March from the deadly and well- finance group that intends to change the world.

My views:

This plot is totally unbelievable but very exciting to follow. Put aside your disbelief and enjoy the ride you will find yourself in a rollicking adventure from cover to cover. This far-fetched drama that brings us around the world is difficult to put down. There is a lot going on and the suspense will kill you (not really) I was flipping the pages at a rapid pace to see how the team will get out of their predicaments…they always did with a bang and a lot of blood. The writing style is very graphic and focuses mainly on action leaving character development aside. For a hard boiled thriller we find neither profanity nor sex scenes. Finally, all this wraps up neatly and this international kidnapping and terrorist saga leaves us with an unexpected surprise……

This is a wild and crazy read I enjoyed immensely