"Black Diamond Death", by Cheryl Bradshaw

Black Diamond Death - Cheryl Bradshaw
Book #1, in the Sloane Monreo Mystery

This is a refreshing and original mystery that has a good balance between action and detective work. The theme of this novel surrounds the real estate business and most of the players are one way or the other involved in the business or are in law enforcement. The main character, Sloane Monroe, is a private investigator and we follow her through this simple but captivating case as she pokes her nose into other people’s business…

I was captivated by this easy and fast moving saga where Sloane is hired to find who may have wanted Charlotte Halliwell dead. The investigators deemed her death accidental, one of the many accidents seen on the slopes of a ski resort. But Charlotte’s sister says otherwise and wants Sloane to get to the bottom and find the killer.

This mystery kept me guessing till the end where the truth was uncovered. This story is not taxing. The language is simple yet well done and to the point. I enjoyed passing time reading how Sloane did her investigating. Nothing is what it seemed and with the twists that kept derailing her at every turn, determined Sloane kept going. She is one feisty P.I. that will get her man or woman….. and along the way will give us hours of entertainment. 

Ms. Bradshaw spins a good story with good characterization. Enjoy.