"White Liners", by R.E. Donald

White Liners: Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery Sketches - R.E. Donald

A Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery Sketches

I didn’t realize this was a series of three very short stories 21 pages in all, sketches introducing the author’s main character and two supporting players in the main series “Hunter Rayne Highway Mysteries”. I like the main series so when I saw “White Liners” I just picked it up but what a disappointment when I noticed what this book really was. I don’t really know why authors spend time doing this kind of promotion….it was a freebie at the time, thank goodness. 

Each stories is way too short to have time getting into the swig of it, to get hooked and be captivated. As soon as you open the story it is already finished….so what is the point……

Pass on this one, but give the full novels a chance they are well-worth it. I read a few and have enjoyed them immensely.