"Fire and Blood", by Glenn Trust

Fire and Blood - Glenn Trust

Also under the title “The Redemption”

Book # 5, in the Hunters series

This story continues the saga that all started with” Eyes of the Predator” where George Mackey with Lyn and Clay played the center roles. Here these poor souls will face their demons and eventually find redemption. 

I am at a loss for words this time really what can I positively said when a story did not really appeal to you. Indeed although a lot is going on, no doubt about that, I found this to be rather a redneck story, one that is less thrilling and by far too raw for my taste. Violence at every page, never ending back wood language I must say it really represented what I imagined a hillbilly county to be. Mr. Trust does a great job representing the place and people he writes about whether they are the rednecks or the beautiful people of Pickham County, he indeed paints them vividly. But did this story pulled me in? Yes, in parts, but I got tired of the despicable acts the bad guys did, really too much. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for this type when I picked up the book. 

“Fire and Blood” may not be my favourite but I must note that the tempo is steady throughout, the characters played their roles perfectly and all ended superbly…the bad guys got what they deserved and the good guys also….

I still have mix feelings many days after closing the book, after all what do you say when at first you do not particularly like a book but you come to realize days later that the sequence of events are still vividly imprinted in your mind…isn’t a sign the story made an impact…..and that you did like the book in great parts….but I still sit on the fence with this one and leave it up to you for final judgement….

The saga will continue with book # 6 “The Killing Ground”.