"Fate", by Ian Hamilton

"Fate" - Ian  Hamilton

Uncle Chow Tung book #1

This new series takes us back in time when Chow Tung left China for Hong Kong as a nobody and became the Dragon Head of the Fanling Triad after the death of their master. 

If you haven’t read the Eva Lee series by this author you may wonder why is he giving us this story but if you are a fan you will appreciate knowing where Uncle had his roots and how he became such a revered leader who played an important role till his death in “The Eva Lee Mysteries” series. This new series is an excellent spin off.

Mr. Hamilton seems to know quite a lot about the Triad’s hierarchy and how its structure works. In a spin of his own the mystery brings to life the struggle to replace the Mountain Master after he was killed in a traffic accident. Normally the Deputy is the next in line but others have someone and other things in mind….

After a short introduction we are fast plunged into the action and it doesn’t take long before knowing that Chow known as Uncle is the lead that could fend off the threats and unite the membership…..By the end Uncle is elected Dragon Head…..The mystery is slow moving even with the threatening moves from the other gangs but Mr. Hamilton knows how to pull us in drop by drop into an exciting saga that will make you flip pages till the very end. 

As always, the story is well presented, the smooth narration is intercepted by strong dialogues. The characterization is excellent and I love how each one played their roles in such an entertaining manner. No doubts I am a huge fan of this author.

I received this ARC from the publisher House of Anansi via NetGalleys for my thoughts.