"Trigger Break", by Ty Patterson

Trigger Break: Crime Action Thrillers (Warriors Series Book 10) - Ty Patterson

Warriors book # 10

Totally out of this world, unbelievable, and implausible but what a ride. I love this series but I do need to take time off between installments…ouf action packed a la Jason Bourne, Bruce Lee is put to shame with Zeb’s Kung Fu movements, he is a little much of a super hero but hey why not that is the fun of it. We do not have a dull moment all through, tension from beginning to end in a plot that is exciting with many twists and turns and one that pulls us in right from the start. Definitely this is my genre of story. What a page turner.

“Trigger Break” is mainly set in Japan with the Yakuza right in the middle. So you can imagine it is a challenge to remember names of the syndicates and even to place them but Mr. Patterson knows how to make us blend in with slick sleuthing spin and the Yakuza charms…. The martial arts description is outstanding: graphic and visual. The story also touches some feature of the Yakuza culture such as the tradition of severing the joint of the little finger, drugs-smuggling, human trafficking and arms smuggling, etc. everything is well blended to provide us with a captivating read…. well-done as always.

Mr. Patterson is a gifted storyteller with a wild imagination who is well versed in all branches he thrust his protagonist into. Zeb with his gang of trusted operatives entertain us in intriguing stories spanning international countries. 

Zeb is unstoppable….love him.