"Scorched Earth", by Ty Patterson

Scorched Earth - Ty Patterson

Book # 11 in the Warriors series

Once again Mr. Patterson has provided for his die hard thriller fans another suspenseful action story hard to put down.

The plot has the twins Beth and Meghan in the hands of kidnappers and Zeb and his team on the tails of those who dared to do this act against a member of the family. This team is unique and tight knit they will go to the end of the earth and go through hoops to protect each other. The hunt is on…..and we are on a ride that will bring us the US, Mexico, Turkey, Syria and Iraq where Zeb will discover the chilling truth…..

The story is skillfully written to give us a fast paced and action filled scenes to take our breath away. Zeb is usually one step ahead but this time is one behind the kidnappers. His moves and those of his team are unpredictable as they take us around the world where they get involved with gangsters, the cartel, Kurdish extremists, ISIS and even the police, security forces and why not the CIA. Zeb’s moto: find the twins, kill or destroy anyone in the way. 

Mr. Patterson hasn’t lost his touch and continues to entertain. Each thriller brings a fresh adventure, plenty of action, impressive traveling, lots of bullets flying ( I could go on and on). What I like the most is how everything is choreographed to a tee and how visual the team movements are described. This thriller would make a great movie.

This story is an excellent summer read. I zipped through it in no time