"Cell 8", by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström

Cell 8 - Anders Roslund, Börge Hellström
Grens & Sundkvist book # 3

This is one provocative reading experience that pushes a point of view that is quite controversial: those who advocate capital punishment. Death-row and the conflicting desires for justice and retribution is the premise in this multilayered plot. Detective Superintendent Ewert Grens will deal with this.

It opens in a US prison with 17 year old John Meyer Frey on death row for a murder he says he did not commit. While on the other side of the world in Sweden, John Schwartz is remanded to jail after assaulting another man….But it turns out that Frey and Schwartz are one and the same…..How this came to be discovered comprise much of the story.

The mesmerising crime narrative will grab you by the throat and never let go. This is one concocted and devious plot that is hard to put down. It is said with flashbacks to the past to provide answers and the manipulations so masterfully told that I was caught off guard, extremely intrigued by the direction the plot was going and even more how it would end. Although I was frantically turning pages hoping for a positive outcome I was off base so many times that I gave up trying. Not being able to predict what would happen is what made reading this mystery all the more enjoyable. I didn’t see the twist at the end coming.

This story is not without Grens’ eccentricities, he is a special character whose bizarre attitude is what makes him different. I like him he is so entertaining with is rock and roll music and dancing to the tune….in his office. Other good players add colour and atmosphere to this absolutely original story.