"Inferno", by Dan Brown

Inferno - Dan Brown

If you want some kind of escapism you will find it in “Inferno”, Dan Brown’s very modern threat which was inspired on The Divine Comedy (a long Italian narrative poem by Dante Alighieri). This thriller comes with a truckload of information and anecdotes of places. It is also overloaded with history and trivia. In order to enjoy passing time with this story, you will need to leave your beliefs behind and go with the flow. Don’t let the sheer size of the book intimidate you, once into it you may not want to put it aside.

The plot is jam-packed with tricks and opens with Robert, the tweedy symbologist in hospital with a case of amnesia that dulls his showy wits. Then, Mr. Browns begins with his crazily grandiose narrative with Robert’s beautiful doctor pulling him out of bed so they can race relentlessly through the streets of Florence.

The story is a sinister scheme involving overpopulation and a doomsday plot only Mr. Brown can pen. The story itself involves Transhumanism, genetic manipulation and pandemics. The effect is Dante’s nightmare….and a scavenger hunt to save most humans…. “Inferno” is written in a way that your mind makes assumptions about the story and the characters and throughout we are given ample opportunity to guess and judge but of course we are also proven wrong in the next scene.

The principal characters with important roles alongside Robert Langdon are Sienna Brooks, a doctor, who will help him find the virus Zobrist created, Bertrand Zobrist, a genius scientist who is obsessed with Dante’s Inferno, Elizabet Sinskey, the head of WHO, who hires Langdon to find Zobrist virus, the Provost, head of the Consortium, at first helps Zobrist in securing the virus then the WHO to find the deadly weapon and Vayentha, a Consortium agent, which mission is to follow Langdon. There are also more players with clever roles.

“Inferno” is pretty fast- fetched in many ways but if you do not look too close to details you should find this to be an interesting read.