"The Oliver Steele Series":books 4-6

"The Oliver Steele Series":Books 4-6 - Graham Tempest
This boxset includes 3 great stories featuring Oliver Steele a financial sleuth with a shady past who plays the role of a “fixer”. If you are in trouble and a friend of his boss you just have to call him and your troubles will vanish. Oliver is sent to Paris, Havana and Johannesburg.

Some highlights:

Book #4”Casino de France”

A nuclear terrorist is poised to destroy Paris. The playboy son of a dictator is financing him. Olive must match wits with a brilliant terrorist.

Book #5 “Casino Havana”

The Castro era is winding down. Rivals are jockeying for position.
Oliver flies to Havana when a friend is kidnapped. He mounts an armed attack on a secret prison island and gets caught up in a battle between a liberal professor and a corrupt police chief.

Book #6 “Joburg Steele”

South Africa’s biggest city, Johannesburg – who steal in the millions and are prone to violence, mean folk who don't mind killing people including Oliver. So what is he to do? In a pinch he has to use violence.


Three exciting and captivating stories I had the pleasure to read some time ago and when I was asked to share this offer with you I couldn’t say no to Mr. Tempest. The stories are such page-turner.

What a steal this boxset is. I highly recommend having a close look at this offer.