"The Tumor", by John Grisham

THE TUMOR A Non-Legal Thriller - John Grisham
This book is a pitch to promote the potential impact of focused ultrasound: today’s medical story could become tomorrow’s lifesaving reality.

A free book although small 67 pages from John Grisham I couldn’t resist although I admit to have skipped the synopsis and the size of the book after all Grisham’s books are excellent…non.

We have in this story two scenarios:

The first starts with a fictional Paul receiving a diagnosis of a lethal brain tumour and the painful battle he and his family go through till his death.

Spring ahead 10 years in the second story is on focused ultrasound technology and its potential to change lives. Paul undergoes the treatment and his life is spared for many years.

This is not a thriller but rather a pamphlet and a promotion for a foundation looking into focused ultrasound. Great cause but advertising is advertising….