"Kill Shot", by Vince Flynn

Kill Shot: An American Assassin Thriller - Vince Flynn

Book 12, in the Mitch Rapp series

This is yet another thriller that is very exciting and captivating in which the pages seem to turn themselves. This is the second novel “The American Assassin” was the first to revisit Mitch Rapp’s time in the CIA and his early years when he branched out on his own and became a drifter enforcing his own code of justice helping others who have been shorthanded by the legal system. 

For months, Mitch has been avenging the death of his girlfriend in the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing. He has been steadily working his way through a list of people eliminating one by one those responsible for the slaughter of 270 innocent civilians. Mitch’s latest target is a Libyan diplomat currently staying in a posh hotel room in Paris. His plan is simple eliminate the man while he is asleep but all hell breaks loose when others kick open the door and catch him red handed and the hunter becomes the hunted fighting for his own survival. 

French authorities are quickly put on high alert when they discover innocent people and a high ranking Oil Minister have been killed on their soil with the world watching.

With this unexpected nasty turn of events and fingers pointing at Mitch, he soon discovers there is a traitor behind the lines and the CIA quickly cuts any ties with him in an attempt to distance themselves from the botch mission. Out in the cold and not knowing who he can trust Mitch’s training goes into high gear. Alert and staying one step ahead becomes his only means of survival. 

If you like thrillers that are fast moving with crisp writing and decent prose and plenty of intriguing characters, “Kill Shot” has it all. It is filled with captivating espionage and the best double dealing a spy world novel can deliver. Mr. Flynn has a knack of setting a scene and immersing his readers in the middle of the action while he expertly explains and dissects all the fast moving events around them. 

I like this series, every one of the tales has given me many hours of reading pleasure.