"Ice on the Grapeline", by R.E. Donald

Ice on the Grapevine - R.E. Donald

Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery book #2

“Ice on the Grapeline” is a tense murder mystery featuring a tough-minded ex-homicide detective turned eighteen-wheel truck driver. Hunter Rayne will do his best to try to find the truth and see that justice is done.

Rayne is persuaded by his irascible dispatcher, Elspeth Watson, to help clear two fellow truck drivers who are arrested for murder. The frozen body of a man was discovered in their trailer while they were crossing borders between Canada and the USA .Dispatched to the scene and put in charge of the investigation is a rookie detective from L.A. that is very eager to score a win….Rayne butts head with more than one officer of the law…… on both side of the borders. Of course, from then on is a good and suspenseful mystery to keep us flipping pages to see what will come next.

This is a traditional “whodunits” story with a complex plots, multiple suspects and a surprise ending. In realistic subplots that mesh beautifully both the crime and the victim we have recurring characters we came to love in the past. The writing style reflects the deep knowledge of the trucking world the author was once part of and Ms. Donald has penned a solid and captivating storyline with many plot twists for our pleasure. Some may notice the lack of logical break between some threads, I agree this can be annoying to some but simply take a pause and move on. (Editing errors happen). All through till we turn the final page, the tempo keeps a steady pace and never wavers.

I enjoyed passing time with “Ice on the Grapeline” and I am looking forward to book #3 “Sea to Sky”