"Zero Dark", by Ty Patterson

"Zero Dark" - Ty Patterson
Zeb Carter book #6

As in all the books in this series fans know that they will be into an explosive read from start to finish, “Zero Dark” is no exception. This thriller is action packed, a little over the top but it is one of those captivating and enjoyable read hard to put down…of course if you don’t take what is happening too seriously…

In this latest installment, influential intelligence heads of three nations, Iran, China, and Russia come together in a plot to take out the U.S. President on the anniversary of 9/11 in NYC and Zeb Carter with his team in their N.Y city office. What follows is never ending suspense with as many twists and turns we can swallow. Take a breather, we need to, so many unexpected events come our ways. It is really hard to believe what we read but it surely makes for a very exciting read. What an imagination Mr. Patterson has. As we follow Zeb and his group on their hunt to thwart the plans of the foreign kill teams, they in turn, place all their attention on their goal…kill the president and Carter.

All the climatic scenes are played out intensely throughout the streets of N.Y.: gunfire, fights, explosions, you name it we have it. We have new characters in the foreign operatives and recurring ones in Meaghan and Beth with cameo appearance from the guys. All players are well-dawn and have terrific roles. Of course this story is fast paced and easy to read; no vulgar language, no sex scenes or mushy romance just action, action and more action. But, yes a but, this is the first time I come across editing omissions: such typos, missing words in any of Mr. Patterson’s books I have read in the past I presume since my version is an ARC the final version has been refined….

In my books this is another winner for the fans and for Mr. Patterson