"The Last Symbol", by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

Book 3, in the Robert Langton series

Set in Washington D.C. this thriller follows “Angels & Demons “and features the rugged, good-looking Harvard “symboligist” Robert Langdon and is based primary on Freemasonry for its theme and major characters. 

This story is more of the same formulaic blend of hi-speed chase and mystical rituals that has Robert on a frantic quest for a priestly lore hidden beneath the monuments of Washington DC. 

Robert is summoned to Washington by his mentor, Peter Solomon, to speak at a prestigious Smithsonian fundraiser but once there his friend is nowhere to be found. He soon finds out he was tricked and lured there for other reasons, moments later, in an adjacent room, screams are heard when the tattooed severed hand of Peter is found.

Robert realizes the tattoos are an invitation to unlock mysteries of the ancients….and here we go with the style of writing admirers have come to expect, a very predictable ride followers have been on before. Every few pages the plot arrives at a precipice and then just leaves you hanging. When the action resumes and the tension is on upswing once again we are faced with a barrage of punctuation and italics. I really didn’t expect deep thoughts, reach writing, a well-constructed pool of characters or a realistic storyline, nevertheless I was entertained by this rather silly far-fetched mystery. 

I don’t know what Robert has up his sleeve for the next adventure but I will probably have it on my to be read list, a change of pace and a good laugh is always reinvigorating.