"Cafe Insomniac", by Mark Capell

Cafe Insomniac - Mark Capell
What a strange story, highly imaginative, quite a page turner and the most outlandish premise I have read in a long time. It is told entirely from Justin’s, the main character, point of view. We get inside his mind to feel his fear and how confuse he is. As the story progresses everything becomes weirder and weirder…..very spooky indeed. At one point it is easy to feel as Justin did mix between not knowing what is real and what isn't. I had to wait till the end to find out. 

What is it all about?

“Twenty-five-year-old insomniac Justin Brooks opens an all-night café. But soon after the opening, one of his customers is murdered. The fallout from the murder makes his insomnia worse -- much worse. He completely loses the ability to sleep. Strange things start to happen in Justin's world, things that are hard to explain and could possibly have something to do with the murder.”

If you suffer from sleep deprivation “Café Insomniac” will walk you down memory lane and if you a sound sleeper this fascinating tale will not only keep you awake wondering if you are really awake but it will also have you looking over your shoulder for the boogie man…..very unnerving and highly unpredictable…..

Although I usually stay far from these types of novels I admit being quite surprised how much I like this one. It is well written to be visually entertaining and to appeal to those with a taste for the surreal.