"The First Day", by Marc Levy

The First Day - Marc Levy

Did you ever wondered what kind of consequences could be triggered when an astrophysicist and an archaeologist put their heads together and set out on a quest to unearth the hidden secrets of the origin of the world. You have a heartwarming fiction that flits with fantasy and leads us on an intriguing journey in time and space around the world. Inevitably weaving through the adventure is a love story and the mysteries of life.

This is a smooth read and quite unbelievable some even would say that this unpretentious story is peppered with inaccuracies, that everything is sewn with white thread and that the characterization is stereotyped and highly predictable. But if you do not listen to this you will enjoy every page as you flip one after another till you reach the last words. 

The beginning of the novel is very promising. An ambitious young archaeologist finds a mysterious object in Africa, a pendant that is supposed age of four hundred thousand years and which, under high energy, can produce a representation of the night sky with its stars as it presented itself to the eye of an observer on the earth there are four hundred thousand years.

Determined to find its origin Keira teams up with Adrian, an accomplished astrophysicist and an old flame and together begin their investigation. Unknown to them, they are not the only one interested in the mysterious object…..The story is narrated by Adrian, a very passionate scientist. 

Mr. Levy creates suspense which is purely artificial and one could only wonder what pushes all the scientists around the world to make so much fuss around a mysterious pendant. The author provides only vaguest of causes and banalities. Having said this in no way does it take away from being a good read and I really enjoyed the story. I simply zipped through it in no time and devoured its simplicity of the style one that combines very well scientific explanations with adventure, romance and globetrotting. Along the way I was taken in the course of history, masterminded assumptions and moved….what else can I say….. Its sequel “The First Night” continues where this story left us hanging….