"The Scottish Finch", by C.J. West

The Scottish Finch (Marking Time Shorts) - CJ West

Marking Time Short

This novel is short indeed, 81 pages eBook version but just enough to introduce Charlotte Finch, the key player in the “Marking Time” series.

A blurb:

The prisons have be emptied by the Supreme Court and it is up to counselor like Charlotte to help those condemned to life imprisonment to turn their life around….not an easy task when most hunger for revenge against the world that incarcerated them…..This novel recounts Charlotte first cases in the new “Relearners System”.

I not usually a fan of short stories but here I make exception. 81 pages are enough to introduce your main characters and plunged them in a concise plot. No frills no extra words right to the point C.J. West has mastered this and said enough to pique interest to follow up with the series. Pick this one up and enjoy.